Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Haul: Dorothy Perkins

So just Sunday night i decided to order me a few things from Dorothy Perkins website.
They had a sale on so i thought id grab myself a bargin. 

As you all know, It comes naturally for a girl to go way over the top and break their spending budget so i went through the entire website and ended coming out with just under £90 worth of clothing and accessories.

Haul time!!

So first off i got this gorgeous Bright printed feather clip. I actually bought this due to my order coming under £40 at the time so i got it to just make up that little bit more so that i got free delivery. I just couldnt bring myself to remove it from my basket so i bought it. Im so glad i did because its such a beautiful accessory and i cant wait to wear it.

Again this Bright feather and stone pack was bought as a top up to the £40 mark but i went way over the top and ended up spending double that amount. These will be great for dressing up an outfit for a great night out.
 The only problem with these is that the feathers on the brown earring has split and its going off in all directions. This ruins the product just a bit as i feel those earrings will look pretty horrid when i wear them like that but i can always just try and cover one of them up with my hair or hope that no one will notice.

Next is one of my favourite item of clothing that i have purchased in this order.Her royal hotness print jumper. Im just so in love with it. Everything about it! Its really heavy duty and warm and i cant wait to wear it.

Next is a Blue/cream stripe slash tee. I got this to pair up with a pair of leggings i got in the same order. You will comes across those in this haul.
I got a few of these tees but in different colours. Im really addicted to these tees and think their going to be great for summer time.

Cream/grey shortsleeve t-shirt

Stone/white short sleeve tee

Next is another great tee for summer. Again i really love this and cant wait to wear it. White/navy stripe vest

Next is my Navy floral print leggings. They may not be most peoples taste but lately i have been over the top in love with everything floral and these are no different. Just another item of clothing that i really cant wait to wear!

And then my Grey croppped cuff joggers.These are going to be amazing for my workouts in the summer time. I havent had much time to work out due to full time hours at work but because i have 2 days off now in the week im hoping to start going to the gym again to get rid of some of the access fat that i have hanging around me right now.

Another set of legging that im loving right now. My Denim floral leggings. Again they are very floral and in my opinion they are gorgeous!

Next is a tee that i got for my workouts which is the Grey marl v neck vest. Its plain, Simple and great for summer workouts so it speaks for itself really.

Next is the Khaki utility shirt. I have already paired this up with a pair of khaki coloured leggins that i had about two or three years ago now. Im actually going to be using this now as a full shirt but im going to have a tee underneath. Keep the shirt open then tie the bottoms to make it into a some what beach shirt.

And last but not least..... Stone crop denim gilet. This jacket is a tiny bit small for me but as im loosing weight it should fit me in a month or so. Well... Iv already lost a lot of weight but haven't had time to tone it up yet.

I thought the order would actually come in a box like every order i have had in the past but i was wrong. It come in a recyclable large bag.

Something funny me and my mum was thinking was how would this bag be reused? Do i take it shopping with me and put the things iv bought in there.... Once i turned it the other way to hold it by the handles all the stuff would fall out.....Or is that why they want you to reuse it? so you have to go back to the store and buy even more clothes when you have lost the others HAHA... Yeh it was funny at the time lol.

I also got a FREE sample of TRESemme Split Remedy which is meant to give you 80% less split ends in just 3 uses....well...Lets see if thats what happens shall we.

And thats it....Thats the haul all done. So what do you think?

Have an amazing day and stay beautiful

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