Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Eastastic Chocolates From

What's Easter without some delicious chocolate to eat whilst watching your favourite television programmes?

All ZChocolat's amazing boxes are wrapped in a drawstring cotton bag which has a pouch on the front with the Zchocolat logo and website. This pouch can be used to hold the gift card that comes free of charge if you select any of their card themes and also their chocolate booklet which contains a detailed description of each chocolate they have to offer.
If you wish to customise your card with your own image then a £3.38 charge will be applied to your overall total.
Your card can be found under the 'My Personal Message And Card' option which is located on the right of the product page.

There are various ways to customise the way your box looks. Please be sure to click Here for the customisation gift service's they offer.

Zchocolat have pulled out all the stops with their gorgeous Easter designed chocolate box with 45 pieces of their delicious French hand-made chocolates made by chocolatier Pascal Caffet in Aix-en-Provence.
After the chocolates have been carefully made, They are shipped worldwide by DHL.
I received the package within 1 working day and im really impressed with the way the chocolates were packaged. The box was integrated with a foam padding for minimum movement which keeps the box and chocolates alot safer.

 The box ZChocolat sent me was their Easter Box which are exclusively available for Easter and is made from basswood which is beautifully lazer-engraved with a image of bunnies, Butterflies, Eggs and flowers which all represent symbols of spring.
On the right side of the beautiful box is a diamond engraved brass plate screwed securely with my name engraved on it. This engraving would set you back £15.92 for up to 25 characters.

Hidden snug in the box are two layers of delicious chocolates. One layer consists of solid smaller chocolates which are in the shapes of fish, Seashells and shrimps and the other box has considerably larger parline chocolates which are shaped as chicks, Rabbits and fish.

All in all, I personally find the chocolates most definitely the most delicious chocolates i have ever tasted. Every mouthful feels like bliss!
The Easter box retails at £46.52(Prices for customisation options are on the right) which surly makes these chocolates the most expensive iv ever had but if I had the budget to I would certainly pay the price time and time again for these amazing bundles of happiness!

Click Here to start shopping now!

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for review purposes only by This is my honest opinion and i am not influenced in any way, Shape or form. I am affiliated with this company. 


  1. what a coincidence I just bought some from them today...I love their Mahogany boxes but they are a tad to pricy right now. Enjoy your choccies and I'm looking forward for mine