Thursday, 15 March 2012

Having A Hair Dilemma!

I seriously need help here.

My hair as you all know is at the moment bleach blonde but keeping up with the shade is costing me a small fortune and i cant afford it.
It feels like i have to dye it every couple of months and if i don't then i feel that my hair looks really horrible with all my natural roots showing.

Its time for me to do something about this and either go back to my natural shade or go to a deepish purple or another shade which wont need continuously dying every few months.

The hair dye i normally use is the Schwarzkopf Live XXL 00A Absolute Platinum which is their lightest shade. its literally more peroxide then anything!

Soooo..... Now its time for a change.....So the shades im thinking of is....

(Below) Rich Caramel 34

(Below) Cyber Purple 46

(Below) Bitter Sweet Chocolate 89

(Below)Hot Cinnamon 50 

(Below)Dark Spice 52 

(Below)Tempting Chocolate 880 

I am really more tempted towards the Cyber Purple but worried because of my light hair that it will be too light for me and i wont be able to get used to it. My natural colour is darkish blonde/Brown so im hoping to get near enough that shade so i don't have to keep dying it dying it every month or so....

SO! What do you think?

which one would be the best?

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  1. i like 34 or 89 :) the purples is awesome but like you said you'd probbly have to keep it up like your blonde.