Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Update on my life!

Hey guys and girls.

So i know i haven't blogged for some time now and there is a very good reason for that.
Life! Life gets in the way all the time and if im not running round for others, Im doing house work or working out at the AirGym which is an outside gym at my local park which anyone can use for free.

So, instead of going to a gym which would cost me a fair bit of money which i cant really afford, I just pop down to my local park and work out there in my own time, Pace and without a care in the world.

Iv been doing it for just under a week and half now and i have to say im really feeling the strain on myself. I can really feel and see a difference in myself and my attitude to do things.

Iv been wanting to start gym for some time now and never had the whole 'Get up and go' attitude until just the other week i went to put on my jeans and noticed i was having trouble fasting the button! The last straw was when i then looked into the mirror and saw my tummy hang over my jeans. Disgusting!

So now its time to get in to shape. I should have really done this a very long time ago but like i said i never had the attitude to do it.

I now go to the gym every day and do 1/2 hour workout. I did 15 minutes in the first week every day but i wasn't feeling that id done the workout so that's why i pushed it to double.

Although im just a beginner at all of this and i have to go a very long way to get fit, I would just like to share my experiences with yourselves and give you guys and girls the 'Get up and go' attitude that i got.

Ill be writing an update every week or 2 weeks on here.

If anyone wants to share their own experiences with weight loss, Weight gain or fitness then feel free to leave a comment below.

Also feel free to contact me via my email if you would like to share your experiences in private.

Me and my friend Sarah are also fitness buddies and i will be linking every blog she does in my updates.
Please go check her out over at
She is such a lovely, Caring person and even though we have never ever met each other in real life, Im just so glad that i found such a great friend who i can trust with everything.

I hope you are all doing well. Stay beautiful x

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  1. I'm glad we are friends too :) Can't wait until the day we finally get to meet!! xoxoSarah