Friday, 17 August 2012

Review: ...Fancy Dress Time Ladies!

Hey guys.

So if you know me well you know that i had a fancy dress party just the other night for my birthday! After waiting years and years to have one i finally had the chance and jumped at it.

So i know your all thinking.... What did i go as....Well not what..WHO?

And of course it would have to be something truly over the top cute....So...I went as...

The costume was from and retails at £18.99 which is truly amazing as iv seen other costumes that are the same for much more. Mega Fancy Dress kindly sent the outfit to me to review for them and i am truly grateful.

Their customer service is amazing and i was communicating with a woman called Sarah.... Lovely name! =) and she was by far the politest person i had ever worked with. She asked me to choose out a costume and send her the Item SKU codes which you can find just below the price. Dont ask mt what SKU stands for thought because i haven't got a clue haha!

Anywhoo...i sent her over a couple and she choose one out of my list and sent it within a few days. Lucky it got to me within a day or so and i was able to wear it for my party which i intended to do. 

so the party went amazing. Obviously i didnt have too much to drink as i had work the next day (Snooze) and i got complemented so much on how i looked and i was asked where id got the costume from. After telling them i had a few people looking on their website ready to buy their costume for their next party.

The costume has to be one of the most comfortable iv ever had on. The set contains a gorgeous dress made from a really good quality fabric. No irritations of bits sticking in you, A red bow headband, A chocker and also two garters which can also be turned in to bracelets if you wish to wear them that way.

I thought about buying some long white school socks and attaching the garters to those but i decided against that as i wanted to keep the outfit nice and simple and not go over the top.

The only think i found wrong which is still no big deal is that the picture on the website shows more then you get but come on.... For £18.99..What come in the set was a great price!

They also have different dressing up outfits for different occasisons and age ranges...Even for dogs....

So why not go along to their website and check them out! Trust me..You wont be let down!

Thank you for reading and please do let me know if you have ever had anything from this website. Id love to hear your views.

Take care and stay beautiful XX

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