For business inquiries such as company sponsorship or product reviews, feel free to email me at xoxkissablebeautyxox@yahoo.co.uk or use the 'Contact me' tab. I usually reply within an hour.

The company must send me out the product for me to feature in my video/blog post giveaway.(Note that this product will be mine to keep. I do this because I want to know that the product is great/that my viewers will love it.) The company must be the one to send the prize to the winner(s). Same as the review, I will make either a video and/or a blog post about the giveaway. Note that all my reviews are my OWN honest opinion

All giveaways will be open for at least 1 month.

The company must send me a product or two to review. I will make a video featuring the products on my blog and/or Beauty channel. 
Note that i will only be reviewing products which fit my blog or products whic im interested in.

 Note: All reviews will be 100% my own opinion.