Saturday, 22 September 2012

My new obsession....Shamballa Style Bracelets

Im so addicted to making Shamballa bracelets. So addicted that right now iv made at least 10 of them to date. Its ridiculous haha.

So just the other day i had a parcel from containing the most stunning ever Shamballa Style bracelet kit which i made a tutorial on how to make the bracelet. 

The kit retails at £10.95.
The kit i have used is the Multi-Coloured kit .
It contains 7x10mm Shamballa Style Beads, 2 metres of black waxed cotton cord and a full instruction booklet which shows you how to make the bracelet from start to finish.

So what do i think of this kit...... Well.... Absolutely Fabulous! I love it!! The only thing it needs is two more little beads that go on the ends where the bracelet fastens. 

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Review: CreaNails

It has to be said! The CreaProducts brands are super amazing!! I swear by them.

I did a review a couple of months ago for CreaClip and showed how to cut your own hair using this extremely useful invention... Now its time for CreaNails!

First of all i was a little sceptical about the CreaProducts but now i dont know what id do without them.
If like me you have trouble applying nail vanish without getting it all over your skin then this is a product you certainly need to get.
CreaNails makes putting nail polish on a doddle! The only time consuming thing is actually sizing your nails up with the nail stencils...

CreaNails come in a pack of 26. These 26 stencils are broken down in to 10 different sizes. You also get 32 French strips to French tip nails.

Once you have found the template which is a perfect fit for each nail then you can write the sizes down on the size tracker on the inside of the package.
On the back of the card inside is a set of instructions for first time users. It shows you exactly how to use the templates to get the perfect looking nails!
There are instructions for both a basic nail and also a french tip design nail.

The templates are made from a durable plastic and once you have used the template all you have to do is grab some nail polish remover and a q-tip or cotton bud and wipe away the stray polish.....Its as easy as that! You can reuse them over and over again.

So for a perfect nail application each time..Use CreaNails...
You wont regret buying a set

CreaNails retail at £29.99 but right now you can save 50%....They are now £14.99 per pack! BARGAIN!

They have now set up a UK website for fast shipping & no custom charges for buyers all over Europe!

CreaProducts UK website:
CreaProducts Youtube:
CreaProducts Facebook:
CreaProducts Twitter:

Friday, 17 August 2012

Review: ...Fancy Dress Time Ladies!

Hey guys.

So if you know me well you know that i had a fancy dress party just the other night for my birthday! After waiting years and years to have one i finally had the chance and jumped at it.

So i know your all thinking.... What did i go as....Well not what..WHO?

And of course it would have to be something truly over the top cute....So...I went as...

The costume was from and retails at £18.99 which is truly amazing as iv seen other costumes that are the same for much more. Mega Fancy Dress kindly sent the outfit to me to review for them and i am truly grateful.

Their customer service is amazing and i was communicating with a woman called Sarah.... Lovely name! =) and she was by far the politest person i had ever worked with. She asked me to choose out a costume and send her the Item SKU codes which you can find just below the price. Dont ask mt what SKU stands for thought because i haven't got a clue haha!

Anywhoo...i sent her over a couple and she choose one out of my list and sent it within a few days. Lucky it got to me within a day or so and i was able to wear it for my party which i intended to do. 

so the party went amazing. Obviously i didnt have too much to drink as i had work the next day (Snooze) and i got complemented so much on how i looked and i was asked where id got the costume from. After telling them i had a few people looking on their website ready to buy their costume for their next party.

The costume has to be one of the most comfortable iv ever had on. The set contains a gorgeous dress made from a really good quality fabric. No irritations of bits sticking in you, A red bow headband, A chocker and also two garters which can also be turned in to bracelets if you wish to wear them that way.

I thought about buying some long white school socks and attaching the garters to those but i decided against that as i wanted to keep the outfit nice and simple and not go over the top.

The only think i found wrong which is still no big deal is that the picture on the website shows more then you get but come on.... For £18.99..What come in the set was a great price!

They also have different dressing up outfits for different occasisons and age ranges...Even for dogs....

So why not go along to their website and check them out! Trust me..You wont be let down!

Thank you for reading and please do let me know if you have ever had anything from this website. Id love to hear your views.

Take care and stay beautiful XX

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Review: Monthly Beauty Box

Star Looks monthly beauty box includes 3-4 FULL size beauty related products which are delivered to your door monthly. You can gift the box to someone or keep it for yourself as a monthly treat.At just $15 its a steal!!

Once you subscribe you will be receive your box the month AFTER and is usually shipped to you within the 3rd week of every month.

I received my box just the other day. I was so thrilled that it got here so fast and couldn't wait to open it and see what was inside.

This is the first Star Looks box that iv ever had and i have to say im so impressed with it. Usually with other beauty boxes you only get a small sized sample but with Star Looks you get 3-4 FULL sized samples which i was completely impressed with and fell in love with them right away.

This is the June 2012 box. It contained 4 products inside. 

Caricature is a stunning pigmented eye shadow which looks amazing for a great neutral look. These gorgeous eye shadows come in a large range of shades to suit everyone's taste and style. Together with their colour eye shadow there are tons of ways you could spice up your eyes! Use as an all over eye shadow or just an eye liner!

They also come with a mirror and an application brush which is hidden away below the eye shadow. The applicator is smooth and not scratchy so those with sensitive skin and eyes will really appreciate just how smooth this is.

Im really impressed with the pay off of this eye shadow and since i got the box iv been wearing this shadow all the time. 

Their brushes are so smooth and low priced and although i have never used any other brushes, Their small precision brush has to be one of my favourites. The bristles are firmly stuck and there is no sign of any strays or any of the bristles coming away. I am so impressed with the high quality of this brush and would definitely recommend these brushes to anyone. This brush retails at $15 which is a great price for this amazing brush. 

Their precision eye pen is a sleek felt tip pen which can either create a bold and beautiful look or a thin and sleek look. This pen comes in black and looks great! It stays in place all day and never smudges which is a great help when you have a busy day and your rushing here there and everywhere.

These Diamondline eye pencils really make your eyes stand out from everything else. I have to say that my best feature is my eyes and thats why i find it so important to keep them looking amazing at all times. Im really impressed with this pencil as it stays in place all day! Im certainly going to purchase more of these because their just so amazing!

All in all im so impressed with this company. Their website is easy to use...Their products are amazing and their customer service is one in a million. If you have any problems or worries then their there in a flash to help out as much as they can.

I love how you can purchase their monthly box and then purchase the same product from the same site if you like it. I know from experience how annoying it is to be passed from pillow to post trying to find the products from other beauty boxes when i have took a shine to them.

Thank you so much to them for the opportunity to review this amazing box and i hope you guys like their products as much as i do.

Stay Beautiful xx

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Haul: Dorothy Perkins

So just Sunday night i decided to order me a few things from Dorothy Perkins website.
They had a sale on so i thought id grab myself a bargin. 

As you all know, It comes naturally for a girl to go way over the top and break their spending budget so i went through the entire website and ended coming out with just under £90 worth of clothing and accessories.

Haul time!!

So first off i got this gorgeous Bright printed feather clip. I actually bought this due to my order coming under £40 at the time so i got it to just make up that little bit more so that i got free delivery. I just couldnt bring myself to remove it from my basket so i bought it. Im so glad i did because its such a beautiful accessory and i cant wait to wear it.

Again this Bright feather and stone pack was bought as a top up to the £40 mark but i went way over the top and ended up spending double that amount. These will be great for dressing up an outfit for a great night out.
 The only problem with these is that the feathers on the brown earring has split and its going off in all directions. This ruins the product just a bit as i feel those earrings will look pretty horrid when i wear them like that but i can always just try and cover one of them up with my hair or hope that no one will notice.

Next is one of my favourite item of clothing that i have purchased in this order.Her royal hotness print jumper. Im just so in love with it. Everything about it! Its really heavy duty and warm and i cant wait to wear it.

Next is a Blue/cream stripe slash tee. I got this to pair up with a pair of leggings i got in the same order. You will comes across those in this haul.
I got a few of these tees but in different colours. Im really addicted to these tees and think their going to be great for summer time.

Cream/grey shortsleeve t-shirt

Stone/white short sleeve tee

Next is another great tee for summer. Again i really love this and cant wait to wear it. White/navy stripe vest

Next is my Navy floral print leggings. They may not be most peoples taste but lately i have been over the top in love with everything floral and these are no different. Just another item of clothing that i really cant wait to wear!

And then my Grey croppped cuff joggers.These are going to be amazing for my workouts in the summer time. I havent had much time to work out due to full time hours at work but because i have 2 days off now in the week im hoping to start going to the gym again to get rid of some of the access fat that i have hanging around me right now.

Another set of legging that im loving right now. My Denim floral leggings. Again they are very floral and in my opinion they are gorgeous!

Next is a tee that i got for my workouts which is the Grey marl v neck vest. Its plain, Simple and great for summer workouts so it speaks for itself really.

Next is the Khaki utility shirt. I have already paired this up with a pair of khaki coloured leggins that i had about two or three years ago now. Im actually going to be using this now as a full shirt but im going to have a tee underneath. Keep the shirt open then tie the bottoms to make it into a some what beach shirt.

And last but not least..... Stone crop denim gilet. This jacket is a tiny bit small for me but as im loosing weight it should fit me in a month or so. Well... Iv already lost a lot of weight but haven't had time to tone it up yet.

I thought the order would actually come in a box like every order i have had in the past but i was wrong. It come in a recyclable large bag.

Something funny me and my mum was thinking was how would this bag be reused? Do i take it shopping with me and put the things iv bought in there.... Once i turned it the other way to hold it by the handles all the stuff would fall out.....Or is that why they want you to reuse it? so you have to go back to the store and buy even more clothes when you have lost the others HAHA... Yeh it was funny at the time lol.

I also got a FREE sample of TRESemme Split Remedy which is meant to give you 80% less split ends in just 3 uses....well...Lets see if thats what happens shall we.

And thats it....Thats the haul all done. So what do you think?

Have an amazing day and stay beautiful