Thursday, 9 August 2012

Review: Monthly Beauty Box

Star Looks monthly beauty box includes 3-4 FULL size beauty related products which are delivered to your door monthly. You can gift the box to someone or keep it for yourself as a monthly treat.At just $15 its a steal!!

Once you subscribe you will be receive your box the month AFTER and is usually shipped to you within the 3rd week of every month.

I received my box just the other day. I was so thrilled that it got here so fast and couldn't wait to open it and see what was inside.

This is the first Star Looks box that iv ever had and i have to say im so impressed with it. Usually with other beauty boxes you only get a small sized sample but with Star Looks you get 3-4 FULL sized samples which i was completely impressed with and fell in love with them right away.

This is the June 2012 box. It contained 4 products inside. 

Caricature is a stunning pigmented eye shadow which looks amazing for a great neutral look. These gorgeous eye shadows come in a large range of shades to suit everyone's taste and style. Together with their colour eye shadow there are tons of ways you could spice up your eyes! Use as an all over eye shadow or just an eye liner!

They also come with a mirror and an application brush which is hidden away below the eye shadow. The applicator is smooth and not scratchy so those with sensitive skin and eyes will really appreciate just how smooth this is.

Im really impressed with the pay off of this eye shadow and since i got the box iv been wearing this shadow all the time. 

Their brushes are so smooth and low priced and although i have never used any other brushes, Their small precision brush has to be one of my favourites. The bristles are firmly stuck and there is no sign of any strays or any of the bristles coming away. I am so impressed with the high quality of this brush and would definitely recommend these brushes to anyone. This brush retails at $15 which is a great price for this amazing brush. 

Their precision eye pen is a sleek felt tip pen which can either create a bold and beautiful look or a thin and sleek look. This pen comes in black and looks great! It stays in place all day and never smudges which is a great help when you have a busy day and your rushing here there and everywhere.

These Diamondline eye pencils really make your eyes stand out from everything else. I have to say that my best feature is my eyes and thats why i find it so important to keep them looking amazing at all times. Im really impressed with this pencil as it stays in place all day! Im certainly going to purchase more of these because their just so amazing!

All in all im so impressed with this company. Their website is easy to use...Their products are amazing and their customer service is one in a million. If you have any problems or worries then their there in a flash to help out as much as they can.

I love how you can purchase their monthly box and then purchase the same product from the same site if you like it. I know from experience how annoying it is to be passed from pillow to post trying to find the products from other beauty boxes when i have took a shine to them.

Thank you so much to them for the opportunity to review this amazing box and i hope you guys like their products as much as i do.

Stay Beautiful xx

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