Friday, 16 March 2012

Sponsored Review: Mad Beauty

From time to time i love to scour around the internet looking for companies that i feel sell amazing products and after doing some research on Mad Beauty, I contacted them to ask for a few PR samples for me to review.

After choosing a few products I was told that they would send the package out right away so I could get my review done for them. A week or two later I hadn't received the package, therefore I contacted them back regarding this and was told they would re send. I'm not sure if the company had maybe forgotten to send the package as they may have been busy but i received the package the next day and was able to see the beauty of the products myself.

Click here to go to Mad Beauty's site and check out all their other amazing products they have to offer!


The Toma Nail polish In Amethyst Glitter is by far one of my much loved nail polishes in my whole collection. Its such a stunning glitter nail polish and the only down side is that you have to put 2-3 coats on to get the full pay off of this polish. 


Im just loving the Q Tickles Cuticle Oil in Juicy Peach. After taking all your nail polish off using acetone polish remover, Your cuticle's can get very dry. It is essential that you add a good cuticle oil to moisten then back up again. 
I wasn't actually expecting the glass bottle with the nail brush as on the website picture it shows a plastic bottle with a spray dispenser. This is in a way quite misleading to their customers and i feel they should actually change the picture on this to show the true image of the product.

On a better note i am rather taken back with the beauty of this product. The flower buds give the product the wow factor in my opinion. I love the way you can use the bottle at an angle aswell as like a normal nail polish bottle.


The Toma Krackle Nail Polish - Silver Undercoat can be used as a stand alone nail polish or can be used as a base to their krackle colours. I haven't yet been able to use this polish so i can not tell you much about it but i will add an update in a week or so with more of my thought of this product.


Although i requested the Black lengthening mascara as i don't really like using brown i was really impressed with how this mascara worked and made my lashes look.
If like me you have long lashes to start off with, This only lengthens your lashes just a tiny little bit but i also used this on a family friend using a disposable wand and it made her lashes look much longer in length and much more fuller.
I didn't get any clumping what so ever and i loved the way my eyelashes looked. In my opinion this mascara is great for a nice natural, neutral look.


The Toma Nail Polish in Chalk is by far my most favourite nail polish to use for my white French tip manicure.  Even though you have to build up the whiteness of this polish its still one of my most favourites. It has a 220 strand brush that gives your nails better coverage. I definitely recommend this polish for French tips.


The most favourite of all out of the package i was sent was their 45 Second Fast Dry Top Coat.
Putting on a thin layer of this makes your nails look really glossy and smooth. Within 45 seconds of adding this top coat it dries. At first i was really sceptical about this top coat but it really does work. It makes life so much easier as you don't have to wait ages for your nails to dry.


Toma Nail Polish in Tutti Frutti is such a high gloss nail polish that makes your nails look fantastic. Considering this product is fairly cheap its payoff is amazing! The picture below just does not do this amazing polish justice.It dries fast and lasts a long time.

Over all im really impressed with the products i received for review. Im especially in love with the 45 Second Fast Dry Top Coat and would definitely be purchasing this again when iv ran out. Mad beauty's products are so cheap for such great quality and their customer service is amazing. I would most surly recommend this company to anyone.

Do you have any products that you have purchased from Mad Beauty? If so which ones do you have?

Have an amazing day and stay beautiful!

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for review purposes only by Mad Beauty. This is my honest opinion and i am not influenced in any way, Shape or form. I am not being compensated by this company and im not affiliated by them.

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