Saturday, 24 March 2012

Random vlog....Lifestyle and other randomness

Sitting out side with a nice cool 1/2 pint of Fosters with a bit of apple and blackcurrent in. This is the life i live!!
Id much rather be chilling on a beach right now but the nearest beach is a few hours away and we haven't got a car to get up there. 

I cant wait until we can just get up and go wherever we want to.

I decided that on Wednesday its time to go see The Hunger games. Iv been so excited about it for months now but decided to go on Wednesday because its Buy One Get One Free with orange Wednesdays so it saves us like £8!

Just reading the books makes me so excited! I just cant wait. I think it may actually be the next Twilight!

So anyways....With my workout/Gym and healthier lifestyle.....I still haven't grasped the whole one biscuit thing and cant seem to stay away from those sugary foods but im feeling an improvement and a few more inches are making their way from my hips. Iv finally got something to work to aswell. My sister had a size 18 dress which is really fitted so it works out to a comfortable size 12. I really like it so she has said if i get to the size that i feel comfortable to wear it then i can have it from her!! She has  worn it a few times and never likes to over wear clothes. 

Had a nice walk round Baggridge Country Park yesterday and im feeling the burn today. Im hoping to go again soon because i love that place. So peaceful, Full of wildlife and just an all round wonderful place. 

Anyways thats me done for today. Im going to have a chill and read The Hunger games =D

Hope your all having a wonderful day!

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