Friday, 27 January 2012

Review: Smooch Cosmetics

Hey Guys!

Todays review is going to be of a company called Smooch Cosmetics!

I only just ordered this review package yesterday afternoon and already they are at my door at 10am this morning (Next day)....Super fast delivery huh!

So first of all, Smooch cosmetics is a UK based company who sell Eyeshadows, Eyeliners, Lip liners, Mascara etc. Click on this link (Smooch Cosmetics) to take you to their site.

The first product i choose was their Due Eyeshadow in Dare To Bare. This eyeshadow retails at £9.50.
I really love the shades in this duo. The lighter shade is a shimmery peach shade which is perfect for the lid and highlighter and the darker shade is gold, use this as a crease colour!
These can also be used as an eyeliner.

The shades are highly pigmented and velvety smooth. Its a perfect duo to use on valentines day to create a sexy, Smokey look that will make your valentine go weak at their knees.

The next product i choose is this gorgeous blusher called Sweet Cheeks . Again another perfect product to use on valentines day. This blusher makes your skin look so much brighter. You can use each shade on their own or mix them together to create another shade.
This blusher retails at £8.50.

The next product i choose was their Black lash mascara. This mascara is such a great addition to my collection as its everything i ever wanted! It makes my lashes look long and beautiful. They actually pull the attention to my best asset and makes them look amazing!!
Im so impressed with this mascara and at £8.95 its a steal!
No clumping, no smudging and no mess! This mascara is on my must have list!

The next products i choose was two of their lipsticks in Pink Fizz and Popping Pink

Pink Fizz is a glittery pink shade which is perfect for all you girly girls out there. It gives your lips that kissable look!

Popping pink is more of a Barbie shade of pink which leaves your lips with a beautiful sheer look to them!

Im really impressed with the pay out on these lipsticks. They look totally amazing!
These retail at £7.50 each.

(Above is Pink Fizz, Below is Popping Pink)

Next up is their truly amazing lipgloss in Ego Boost. Use it on its own or pop it over a lipstick to bring a wet, glossy look to your lips. This lipgloss looks truly amazing over the Pink Fizz lipstick!
Im really impressed with the way this lipgloss makes my lips look and at £7.50 they wont really break your budget.

Next is their Kohl Eyeliner. Retailing at £4.95 this eyeliner makes your eyes really stand out. Either wear this on your waterline or just above your lashes. This pencil also comes with a soft blending tip to smudge your eyeliner if you wish to. This pencil is also amazing for creating those super sexy smokey eyes.

And last but definitely not least is their Liquid Liner which is £6.95.
This is such a great eyeliner as it does not smudge and there is no mess during application. I do recommend this for people who have steady hands. Its great for that dramatic eyes look.
Im really impressed with this liquid liner and its also on my must have list along with the mascara.

All in all i am really impressed with all of the products i have reviewed. The only real downfall is that the products do not have the names of the shades on them. I love to know the name of the shades for when im using them separately in tutorials so i can tell everyone exactly what the shade is. The only way you know what the name of the shade is, is on the box. The only downfall of that is boxes take up a lot of space and if i kept every box i had then my house would be totally over run by them!.

Im going to be peeling the labels off the boxes and sticking them on the actual product so i can then know what the exact shade is.

Thank you so much to Smooch cosmetics for their generosity and please let me know if you have tried any of their products.

Im hoping to use these in my Valentines day tutorial which i will be doing in a few days time.

Thanks for reading and i hope your having an amazing day.

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for review purposes only by Smooch Cosmetics Uk. This is my honest opinion and i am not influenced in any way, Shape or form. I am not being compensated by this company and im not affiliated by them.

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