Thursday, 15 December 2011

Chatterzone! The place to be

Not so long ago i came across a facebook page called Chatterzone.

I posted a few times in there and entered a few of their competitions and decided to sick around as the owners were such sweeties who replied to every message and made me feel ever so welcome!

I then won one of their competitions. A voucher for pizza hut which i gave them my order and they ordered it for a specific date and time which i asked for.
The pizza was delicious and me and my boyfriend loved it!

Since then iv been back and forth from their site every day on countless times checking updates and just having a chat with everyone.
Their like my own little facebook family.

Just the other day they did something extreamly nice for me and showed that they are not only there for people who want to chat, They are there for people who need them also.

They hold so many competitions its unbelievable. I really love it there and spend most of my facebook time on their page.

I will forever be loyal to chatterzone and will always boast how amazing they are all over the net. I really love it there and cant stress how much i love to hang out there.

Thank you Chatterzone for everything you have done for me.

What you waiting for? Head on over there now and come and say hello. See what you think

Merry Christmas all

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